When to Test for Mold

Anyone concerned about mold in their home may need to have the property tested for mold. Mold may not always.

Anyone concerned about mold in their home may need to have the property tested for mold. Mold may not always be visible when it is present, and in fact, there can be mold spores floating throughout the house that most people will never notice until it starts to take root and starts growing visibly.
That’s because mold spores are very small, and if most houses were to be tested for mold, most of them would be found to contain mold spores in nearly every room. The reason that those spores aren’t noticeable is because they are incredibly tiny and they haven’t started to accumulate in a high enough density to make a difference.
Once mold spores find a nice, damp place to take root, though, they will start growing and spreading quickly. Mold testing in Greenville, SC can catch mold growth before it escalates and turns into a health problem or some other kind of serious issue. Mold can cause all sorts of problems, and it is important to test for mold when it is suspected, but when is the right time to start testing?
Mold may be causing effects that are noticeable before the homeowner actually sees the mold. For instance, if some rooms of the house cause allergy attacks or flu-like symptoms, there is a good chance that there is mold present in the rooms. Also, any rooms that are creating a musty smell or that have standing water or damp spots will be likely to have mold. Mold has a distinct smell, and by the time someone can smell that scent, the mold has spread quite a bit already.
It is important to test for mold as soon as the homeowner suspects its presence. They should also test for mold following a heavy rain or severe storm. Water may have forced its way inside during times like this and created a great breeding ground for mold.
It’s also a good idea to test for mold regularly throughout the year, especially if the home is prone to flooding, water damage or leaks. Mold doesn’t need much water to start growing, and it is vital that homeowners call for mold testing as soon as they suspect there might be mold present. Mold depreciates the value of a home quickly, so getting it out of the house should be a top priority. Only mold removal specialists, like those at mold testing in Greenville SC are qualified to test and remove mold effectively.

This article was written by I Lowe

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