The Damage a Carpenter Ant Can Cause

The insect that can create the most damage in the home is not a termite but a carpenter ant. Ants.

The insect that can create the most damage in the home is not a termite but a carpenter ant. Ants are generally considered harmless by most people. They may be a nuisance when they steal food, and some poisonous ones in tropical areas can be downright deadly, but most people don’t realize just how dangerous these ants can be and that they are quite common.The Damage a Carpenter Ant Can Cause

To tell if the insect is a carpenter ant, the homeowner should look at their body carefully. They will have three distinct segmented parts. A termite will not. They will also have bent antenna, which most ants don’t have. Furthermore, carpenter ants will be between a quarter of an inch and half an inch long. Termites will be smaller and usually lighter. Carpenter ants are black and they like to live near wood and warm areas. In the winter, they tend to be dormant, unless they have found a home in a warm place.

What makes them so dangerous is what they do to wood. Unlike the name suggests, they don’t build anything useful but instead tear down wood, in contrast to termites they do not eat the wood. Instead, they remove it, weaken structures, allowing rot and moisture to seep in and creating serious structural hazards.

Homeowners should not attempt to weed out a carpenter infestation on their own. There is too much risk that they will not get the whole colony or that they won’t even reach the ant nest. They may think they eliminated the ants, but then realize later, after damage has been done, that they left some behind.

Only professional pest control in Greenville, SC is effective enough to get rid of the ants completely and ensure that they don’t come back. They can seek out these carpenter ants wherever they may be hiding, track them back to their nest and ensure that no more damage is done.

It is imperative that homeowners use a professional service like Pest Control Services in Greenville SC by Commander Pest Solutions when they find carpenter ants in or near their home. They can remove wooden items from around their house to help keep the infestation from spreading too easily, but only professionals will be able to ensure that all the ants have been eliminated.

This article was written by I Lowe

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