Real estate Pillar of the economy of any country

Investments in real estate are the best investments, or at least that is what we were always taught, and is.

Investments in real estate are the best investments, or at least that is what we were always taught, and is that for many specialists, is one of the best investment alternatives, because it allows a person to acquire an asset that is hard to depreciate. Which is likely to increase in value over time, and that, in some cases, can generate steady income of cash when renting.

The property has long been the best means to create wealth and the great real estate magnates of today as Warren Buffett, and Robert Kiyosaki confirms it.

Pillar for the economy of any country

Real estate has proven to be a cornerstone of the economy of any country. If you stop the sale of real estate, this has a significant impact on our economy. Why? It’s something like this: developers apply for a loan known as Interim Loan for the construction of new homes. These loans must repay at a time, estimated by the projected sales of the properties in development. If not achieved in the expected period, the loss is substantial. When hundreds of built properties, stagnant, when hundreds of existing properties are not sold, it is as if the developers, brokers, and salespeople were dismissed from their employment.

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Have they thought so? It is the equivalent of a mass layoff because there will be more properties than buyers. Properties begin to deteriorate; buyers stop to see what happens, looking for “burning” prices. Then comes the fear of investing, or of buying shares in those companies dedicated to some aspect of real estate. On the other hand, the banking is affected, because it has loans in arrears that can become an execution process.

Marketing strategies

The government, in situations like this, has created a strategy to move this market, strategies such as housing incentives. In general, these incentives allow the buyer to exempt himself from payments of legal stamps, in other cases obtain a 100% financing, or non-payment of property taxes in the event of purchase to invest and rent, among others. Several laws have been passed in P.R. On housing incentives in recent years. Likewise, the government, watching over the country’s economy, has sometimes passed subsidy laws, which present options to the buyer.

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Real estate career

Thanks to these incentives, the economy begins a new movement, a new boom for the real estate career. When some business aspect changes in companies, it is often said, “we need new blood” which refers to new professionals, with the impetus and desire for progress, service. New people, guided by industry gurus, by experts or more experienced, incorporate new ideas of how to serve and sell. Individuals with creative and ethical thinking, ready to “get their hands on” the hard work that is the sale and rental of properties.

To be able to dedicate to this business, a persevering attitude is indispensable, devoting many hours to the attention of clients and a complete orientation to the sales. If you are willing to pay this price, you expect huge economic satisfactions.


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