Promotion: How Your Hat Completes You

If you look back throughout human history, at virtually any point in time prior to the modern era – and.

If you look back throughout human history, at virtually any point in time prior to the modern era – and in nearly every great and enduring civilization; from Egypt, to China, to the empires of South America – the hat was seen as the summation of both male and female fashion statements. This was true for people in every walk of life, and in every social class or strata. Men and women alike were expected to never venture out in public with an uncovered head; their choice of covering might have been a hood, a wig, or an actual hat, or even – at various places and times – elaborately styled and modified hair, but the principle was always the same.

There were hats for every occasion, and elaborate styles which often incorporated fanciful wigs, jewelry, and other displays. Even statuettes, clocks, and additional, weighty ornamentation, which were sometimes known to cause high-society ladies to faint away in the streets after a particularly arduous morning of “venturing outside,” were at one point in time incorporated… and not so far removed, either.Promotion: How Your Hat Completes You

Since such relatively recent innovations in industrial methodology as assembly line construction and large-scale mechanical fabrication, hats have more or less fallen by the wayside as being a social requirement in our society. Where once upon a time they were seen with the same expectation of personal identity as one experiences when looking at the face of a friend, a relative, or a professional acquaintance, nowadays it is the simple act of wearing a hat at all which often stands out as being unusual or distinct. These various statements about our modern-day society may or may not tie directly into each other, but there exists a real possibility that the wearing of hats as a social expectation – and, as such, as a means of further expressing one’s individuality – declined as a result of hats themselves losing their individuality to the inherent properties of the process of mass production.

In short: if everybody is wearing an orange baseball cap, or a black derby, or a classic pork-pie hat, eventually no-one will be.

At Cover Your Head, the principal product line consists of hats – modern-day, baseball-style custom custom embroidered hats – which are assembled from quality materials, and are ruggedly stitched together so as to last for years. However, the main thrust of the product lies in neither its composition, nor in its stitching, but in its essential customization.

In addition to the variety of styles, materials, and color patterns present, Cover Your Head offers customized embroidery at reasonable, affordable rates.Text and images may be displayed on your hat which cater to you as an individual, and which blend seamlessly with your hat’s design and assembly – no crude, iron-on patches, which never wind up being appropriately centered, and are in any case a reflection some other individual’s creativity.

The experienced staff at Cover Your Head are standing by to offer advice and suggestions with regards to the design of your hat, but ultimately, whatever you purchase is indelibly yours – an assuredly unique creation that will make you stand out smartly.  Your business will too!

This article was written by I Lowe

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